How to Change The Notebook Covers on GoodNotes

What is GoodNotes?

GoodNotes is a Paperless/Digital Note-Taking App where you can import documents, take notes, and use digital planners. Now it is free to try; you can create your first notebooks for free. Download the GoodNotes App here.

What is Digital Notebook Covers and How to Use Them?

Digital Notebook Covers on GoodNotes

Digital Notebook Covers are simply the same as the notebook covers but digital. We use them to make our notebooks look organized. You can use the same theme notebook covers in your folders and make them look more put together and aesthetic.

How to Find Digital Notebook Covers?

There are lots of digital notebook covers made by digital creators; you can check out WeBudding, Etsy and other platforms and search for digital notebook covers.. You can also download our freebie digital notebook covers!

How to Change The Notebook Covers on GoodNotes

1. Import Your Covers into GoodNotes

On the documents, select ‘Settings.’ 

Select ‘Notebook Templates.’

Select ‘Default Cover.’

Select ‘+’ and name your cover set.

NOTE: When the document and the cover size is not matching, the cover can be smaller or bigger than the pages. If you experience this problem, let the creator know about the problem, so they can help you with sizing.

Select ‘import’ and import your extra covers from your files.

Now your new covers are imported to GoodNotes.

2. Change Your Notebook Cover

Open the document you want to change the cover of it.

Navigate to the first page of it.

Tap on the ‘Three Dots’

Select ‘Change Template’

Select ‘Cover’ at the top

Select the cover you would like to use, and tap on apply.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to message me!

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