How to Use Stickerbook on Samsung Notes?

Hello, in this post we will talk about ‘What is a Samsung Notes Sticker Book’ and ‘How to Use a Samsung Notes Sticker Book’. 

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If you ever search about digital planners, surely you saw that “precropped goodnotes sticker book” thing. Good Notes is the most popular Ipad note taking app, because of that all the sticker books are maded for Good Notes. 

Now, let’s talk about “why you need a sticker book?”. The reason is because probably someone thought that importing stickers from your gallery takes much effort and not time efficent, because of that reason they found a solution as importing the all png pics to the note taking app (Good Notes) and then exporting as a Good Notes file. The reason is because a sticker book can be used on the note taking app that is made on. So if you purchase a Good Notes sticker book, it is in Good Notes file format and it won’t work on your Tablet (because Good Notes is only available on Apple devices).

To solve that problem i created Samsung Notes sticker book with the same exact technique, it took many tries and luckily i found a way to make it. I really don’t like the fact that there is not such any option than Ipad, but i know the android tablet user community is very crowded, we just can’t see options for us, i try to make a difference in the digital note taking community, and the support i’m having shows me that is really needed!


Here is a tutorial that shows every steps to be able to use the sticker book.


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