How to use Samsung Notes for Digital Planning?

Paperless planning is getting popular as technology plays a more significant part in our lives. Nowadays, many of us switch to paperless note-taking due to the opportunities it provides without limitation, plus less weight in our bags. However, Samsung Tablet users don’t have enough voice in the paperless community; besides, there is a lack of information about how to use Samsung Notes for digital planning. In this post, we will learn about digital planning and how to use PDF digital planners in Samsung Notes.




You can do digital planning in two ways; using a planning app or a PDF digital planner. Pdf digital planners are more likely to be paper planners; it allows you to edit your planner on a screen without limitation. We need a PDF Annotation app to import our digital planners and a stylus to write on it. So, PDF planners don’t work like an app; they don’t sync with Google or Samsung Calendar. You can’t schedule your deadlines and events and get reminders about upcoming activities on a digital planner. However, you can get the same experience of paper planning in digital form. As someone who wants to join this paperless community with a Samsung Tablet, I know there are no such resources. But don’t worry; I’ll guide you to meet with Samsung Notes to get the best experience on this journey.


Samsung Notes is a Paperless/Digital Note-Taking App where you can import documents, take notes, and use digital planners. We need a PDF annotation app for using PDF Planners and Note-Taking. Samsung Notes is our best option as it is the most compatible app for Samsung Tablets. Besides that, it is free and provides you numerous possibilities!


You can get the same experience as paper planning in a digital format with Samsung notes. You can write on your planner and add stickers, images, and texts. So, digital planning in Samsung Notes is not like scheduling your events in an app; it doesn’t sync with a Calendar and can’t remind your upcoming events. So it is more likely to be traditional planning but on a screen.



Hyperlinks are links on a digital document activated by clicking, linking a page to another for quick access. Most Pdf reader/editor apps support hyperlinks to navigate your documents smoothly without scrolling between pages.

Digital Planner with Hyperlinked Tabs


When it comes to digital planning, there are countless varieties. You can find the best options for your preference with a detailed search.

There are digital planners containing yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages. And some planners have other additional trackers. These planners have many pages; however, it is easy to navigate your planner since it is hyperlinked.

There are also digital planners for specific needs, such as Study Planner, Language Learning Planner, Teacher Planner, Meal Planner, and so on.

There are dated and undated planners. Dated planners have more links, so you can easily navigate daily, monthly and weekly pages. You don’t have to date it since it is a dated planner; however, it expires, so you can’t use it every year. Undated planners are more flexible and can be used yearly; however, you must write the dates yourself. So, dated planners can be for you if you prefer saving time more than flexibility.

In terms of orientation, there are horizontal and vertical digital planners.

In terms of themes, there are light-themed and dark-themed planners. 

Lastly, there are countless planner styles. There are minimal, functional, designed planners and colorful and fancy planners.

Mostly, digital planners also come with matching sticker packs.



If you want to use your device with the S Pen, you need a Samsung Galaxy Tablet or Samsung Galaxy Phone that is compatible with the S Pen. These devices support the S Pen: Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S7, S6, Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book PRO, Samsung Galaxy Note Series, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, and Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.
You can also use styluses if you have a device incompatible with the S Pen. So, what is the difference between them?


If you have a phone compatible with S Pen, regardless of your screen size, you will get a great experience. The S pen works with high sensitivity and palm rejection features. So, you can edit your PDF easily even if the screen is not wide. You can also sync your notes between your devices, so you can use your phone for it whenever you don’t have your tablet near you.

In conclusion, it depends on your experience. So, I recommend you check out our sample planners and freebie library. And also, try out free Samsung notes templates to get enough experience to decide if it is for you or not.

s pen and stylus


The tablets compatible with the S pen come with it, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. So, what makes the S-Pen different from the other styluses? S Pen works digitally, such as the Apple Pencil and Surface Pen. S Pen works with high sensitivity with palm rejection, so if your tablet or your phone comes with an S pen, you can easily write on the screen regardless of the size of your screen.

Basic styluses are working pretty much the same way that screen recognizes our fingers. There are also active styluses; they work electronically, and you have to charge them to use. An active stylus is a nice option if you don’t have an S pen. For example, if you have a Samsung Tab A Series Tablet, you can use an active stylus.

For the best experience, S Pen will be the best option. However, if you have a tablet incompatible with S Pen, the best option will be an Active Stylus. You can also use a basic stylus, but basic styluses don’t have palm rejection and are not working with high sensitivity.


Well, as it is the topic of this blog post, needless to say, we will use Samsung Notes for digital planning. Samsung Notes is free and provides numerous possibilities, making it the most compatible app and the best option for Samsung Tablets.


As we mentioned in the Types is Hyperlinked Digital Planners, there are countless varieties. The best planner option for you depends on your need and what you are looking for. You can get a brief of the digital planner types in the following list.

1. An essential digital planner contains yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily pages.
2. A planner also contains additional trackers
3. A planner for a specific need
4. Dated or undated planner
5. Horizontal or Vertical Planner
6. Light or dark themed digital planner
7. Blank notebook for bullet journaling
8. Minimal or a fancy planner


Read the Ultimate Samsung Notes Guide to start digital planning in Samsung Notes. You will learn all the basics and tips and tricks with visual content, so get started with learning how to use the Samsung Notes for digital planning with it!

There are free templates that Samsung Notes provides for digital note-taking and planning.
1. Select’ Three Dots’ in the top right corner.
2. Select ‘Page Template.’
3. Select the template you want to use.
Note: Don’t forget to check out the PDF Templates too!

You can check out our Samsung Notes Planners, which include Samsung Notes Sticker Book and a detailed user guide for beginners. Honeynbutterfly Planners are the first planners that include the Samsung Notes Sticker Book!

I recommend you check out free sample planners to get enough experience with digital planning and see how it works. It will take time to get used to it, so give yourself enough time for it. You can download our sample planners and freebies to try out and get familiar with digital planning.

Start Digital Planning Now!

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