How to use the Samsung Notes Everyday Planners?

Hello! I’m Ekin, the girl behind Honeynbutterfly. Let’s discover your planner together! Before we start, don’t forget to check out the Ultimate Samsung Notes Guide to learn everything you need to know!


On the index page, tap on the template you want to use. To return to the index page, tap on the blank space at the top-right corner of your planner.


Your planner’s tabs are all hyperlinked. Tap on the dividers to move between the sections.

On the divider page, tap on the template you want to go.


Because our planner is undated, you must write the dates in the monthly tab.

To move between monthly planner pages, tap on the monthly dividers.

To go to the Monthly Reflection page, use the ‘Monthly Reflection’ link at the bottom right of each monthly page. And if you want to go to the ‘Weekly Overview’ tap on the ‘Weekly Overview’ in the monthly reflection pages.


For quick access to the weekly planner pages, tap on the weeks on the left side of the monthly planner pages.

In the weekly planners, you can access the ‘Weekly Schedule’ and move between the weekly pages of the same month.

In the weekly schedule pages, tap on the weekly details to return to the weekly planner.


In the Daily Pages, tap on the numbers on the top of your planner to move between daily pages.

Tap on the monthly tabs to move between the months.

To access the other templates tap on the ‘Star Icon.’

To return to the index page, tap on the star icon at the top-right corner of your planner.


To move between the same tracker’s monthly pages, tap on the months as it is shown in the video.

To move between the different templates, tap on the dividers and select the template you want to use.


There is no column in the monthly habit tracker, medication tracker, and meal ideas. You can draw lines and customize your trackers for your needs.


To access the additional templates, tap on the ‘Extra Templates’ on the Index Page.

Custom Sections

On the Custom Sections Page, we have 33 blank sections. You can add templates & stickers and create your own space in your planner.

NOTE: Our trackers mostly contain 12 monthly pages. But some are different such as ‘Weekly Meal Tracker,’ ‘Meal Ideas,’ ‘ Daily Self-Care,’ ‘Monthly Expenses.’

 To use these templates, duplicate them as many times as you wish.

I suggest you add these templates to the custom sections; you can organize your planner this way.

I also recommend adding the ‘Daily Meal Tracker,’ or ‘Daily Self-Care’ right after the daily pages.

Extra Covers

1. Tap on the ‘Insert Icon’ on the first page of your document.
2. Select ‘PDF.’’
3. Select ‘Gallery.’
4. Select the extra cover you want to use.
5. Move your cover to the top in the ‘Page Sorter View.’

Sticker Book

1. Open up your Sticker Book and Notes in the ‘Split-Screen View.’
2. Select ‘The Lasso Tool’ on both screens.
3. Copy and Paste The Stickers.

Customise your planner

To customize your planner’s layouts, screenshot a blank part of your planner and add it over the places you want to hide.

Table of Contents

If you’re happy with your planner, please leave ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ in the review section. Your review means a lot and keeps me motivated.  If you experience any trouble, please don’t hesitate to message me!

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