Hello, I'm Ekin!

I’m happy to see you here! Honeynbutterfly started with my interest in journaling, which turned out to be a way to connect with people around the world!

I’m 23 years old, and I’m a Turkish girl. My interests are learning, art, music, writing, and many other things!

In 2021, my interest in journaling and art turned me into a small business owner, which I never planned. It’s lovely to think I’m postiviely affecting your life; I can’t explain how happy I’m connecting with you.

I believe if we take care of the moments, the years will take care of us; every day is a special day cause we are lucky to be here. We write our deepest feelings in our diaries and plan for our future in our planners. I really hope to take part in your journey to reach your dreams.

Trivia about me!

My favourite colors are pink and  orange.

I’m very emotional and sensitive; my MBTI personality type is INFJ-T.

I’ve been playing classical guitar for over 10 years;  music is my biggest passion.

I prefer not to stick with an aesthetic, but I always try to keep my designs as minimal as possible.

My biggest dream is to be free to make my dreams real.

I started digital note-taking in October 2020.

My tablet is Samsung Tab S7.

Because there wasn’t any information about how to make digital products on Android tablets, I learned everything on my own.

I’m the creator of the first Samsung Notes Sticker Books.

Digital planning was a thing that I never thought I needed; once I started, I got addicted.

I’ve been consistently keeping diaries since age 5. 

I’m still writing diaries on paper; the feeling of paper is just a special thing that I can never give up.

warmly, Ekin <3