Alternative Stylus Suggestions for S Pen

Hello and welcome to my blog post! I recently had a question regarding stylus recommendations for tablets that don’t support the S Pen, like the Samsung Tab A7 and A8. I reached out to you all on Instagram with a story, asking for your suggestions, and I received your responses. Today, I want to share these suggestions with you, hoping that they will be helpful. This post is not sponsored in any way!

s pen and stylus

The Difference Between S Pen and Stylus

The tablets compatible with the S pen come with it, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. So, what makes the S-Pen different from the other styluses? S Pen works digitally, such as the Apple Pencil and Surface Pen. S Pen works with high sensitivity with palm rejection, so if your tablet or your phone comes with an S pen, you can easily write on the screen regardless of the size of your screen.

Basic styluses are working pretty much the same way that screen recognizes our fingers. There are also active styluses; they work electronically, and you have to charge them to use. An active stylus is a nice option if you don’t have an S Pen. For example, if you have a Samsung Tab A Series Tablet, you can use an active stylus.

For the best experience, S Pen will be the best option. However, if you have a tablet incompatible with S Pen, the best option will be an Active Stylus. You can also use a basic stylus, but basic styluses don’t have palm rejection and are not working with high sensitivity.


Please check them out in your region at your local shops or on their official websites, which I have linked for your convenience.

NOTE: There are not sponsored; these suggestions come from my subscribers who have used them and are recommending them based on their positive experiences. Please fell free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. 🤍

There are various generations of GOOJODKOQ pens available, each offering different features and price points. The 9th generation is recommended for its palm rejection functionality, while the 3rd generation is a budget-friendly option that performs well but lacks palm rejection. 

You can find all the available versions on GOOJODOQ official AliExpress Store. Before making a decision, please ensure to check the Bluetooth requirements, palm rejection feature, and charging capabilities of each version

This active stylus pencil is compatible with most iOS and Android tablets and touchscreen devices. It has ultra-sensitive 1.5mm fine tip. It does not support palm rejection. You can switch it on and off seamlessly by double-tapping the top of the stylus. This stylus pen can be conveniently attached to the side of the tablet, but it does not support magnetic charging.


These tablets are both budget-friendly and offer high performance, plus they come with an S Pen that works seamlessly. You might want to consider upgrading your tablet instead of buying a separate stylus because no stylus will work as smoothly as an S Pen on a Samsung device. Some of you have mentioned that you prefer to upgrade your tablet, so I wanted to share this suggestion

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